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A sanctuary where life's worries just melt away...

Hi my name is Claudia. I have been the main carer for several people through my life. My son Ethan who has a disability and now lives independently with support, my husband Timothy who fought a three year battle with cancer and my mum Silvia who lived to a ripe old age before passing peacefully at her home. Each experience taught me one thing, that to be able to care for them, I had to care for myself.


Mum was always there for her five children, fifteen grandchildren and ten great-grand-children. Her home was always warm and welcoming, a sanctuary where life’s worries would just melt away. 


After raising my four kids and now empty nesting in a beautiful big home of my own, well supported by my amazing team, I find myself in the privileged position of being able to carry on her legacy by offering this wonderful opportunity to others.

Too many carers end up needing care themselves because they burnout trying to support the people that they love. 


Understanding the importance of taking time out for yourself to recharge your batteries is the first step. It’s not selfish. It’s the best thing that you can do for the people that you love.


So, now, let us spoil you, just a little. Eat well, sleep, get a little bit of gentle exercise, and remember that you have needs too.


At Silvia’s, we don’t offer counselling sessions or educational courses. We just give you a gentle reminder of what self-care looks and feels like so you can balance your own needs and theirs!

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Silvia... my inspiration and guiding light.

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