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Our partners include a range of disability and aged care specialists who refer carers to our program.

Our partners work with us to secure grants enabling carers and their partners to have some much needed respite at subsidised rates. Organisations wishing to partner with us should contact us at to register their interest.

While we are not able to provide care for your loved one, we can put you in contact with services in the community that do provide this if you don’t have a regular carer in place. We usually find the person being cared for is best supported in familiar surroundings such as the family home or a known respite house while the main caregiver is taking some time out.

Benefits for carers:

  1. Time for yourself, away from all of the pressures of everyday life, to rest, recharge and remember that you have needs too. Take a bath, read a book, meditate, sleep in!

  2. A chance to play, explore and have some quality time with your partner or friends. Go for a swim in the private in-ground pool or one of the many beautiful local beaches, challenge yourself to a bush walk or trail ride, check out local attractions or enjoy some fine dining.

  3. Make new friends with people that understand the challenges of caring by reconnecting your creative side with one of our arts packs, join in a yoga class, just sit and chat or cook up a banquet together!

  4. Take comfort that your host understands that plans can change last minute, that you might want some quiet time or be in need of adult company, that it can take a while to unwind or that you might just really, really need a break! She’s been there!


For people with disabilities, special needs, mental health issues, the elderly or children in care:

  1. Stay home while family/friends take a short holiday close by.

  2. Enjoy some independence with Carers you know rather than going to a centre where staff and programming changes can happen unexpectedly.

  3. Build your confidence in a familiar environment.

  4. Your family/friends come home with a smile on their faces, are rested and ready to help you reach your goals. 


For other family members:

  1. Have some special time with grandma or friends to build the networks that will help to support you over time.

  2. Come back to family life with some of the pressure having dissipated and everyone feeling a bit more grounded.


For organisations:

  1. Show your families that you truly understand the challenges that caring brings and value the amazing job that they do for their loved ones everyday by referring them to this program.

  2. Build relationships of trust with carers providing informal support that benefit your client.

  3. Develop your organisation’s point of difference by facilitating access to this boutique opportunity for your families.

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